URL redirection not working

Im have a domain that using dummy A record (, and CNAME record WWW point to root domain, all record are proxy to Cloudflare.

Some how my URL redirection rules only work with WWW.xxxx.com, and another rules is to forcing WWW also not working.

Does this is the bug of Cloudflare? or any misconfiguration on my settings?

I am afraid your question is not overly clear. Can you provide examples of what is not working? With the proper domain.

Hi Sandro,

my objectives is to redirect https://bookxcessonline.com to https://bookxcess.com , but some how the rules only work for https://www.bookxcessonline.com.

Did you follow Redirecting One Domain to Another?

Here is my DNS

Hi Sandro,

Let me try change the CNAME (www) to A record

Was your site with another provider before, also using Cloudflare? In that case your domain might still be active with their configuration and that overrides your settings. You’d need to make sure to disable any such Cloudflare integration.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your advice, let me check again regarding on this issue. :pray:

Most welcome :slight_smile:

I understand you are using Shopify and would need to disable mentioned integration on their side. There’s more information at https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=shopify

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