URL Redirect with a wildcard query string

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I got a weird issue from FB and I’m sure someone already made this happen.
I got a “virtual” origin link (say [ILfiber.co.il/Airalo] ) - but when FB gets in the way, it adds it’s own parameter called " ?fbclid= “, and that ID is changing.
I tried to add a URI Full” https://ilfiber.co.il/Airalo?fbclid=* to hit any FBCLID that facebook would give me.
It seems not to work.
Even put URI Query string with the value ?fbclid=*, and seems not to accept it.
What’s the best way to attack a wildcard case on a parameter that is not in my control to predict?

Thank you

What’s your rule? Can you post a screenshot?

“URI Full” does include the query string, but you should be able to use “starts with” instead of “equals”.

Thank you!
Something I am missing here?

Change “equals” to “starts with” and get rid of the question mark and everything after it.


It is so simple, I feel like a fool. Wasted around 12h around this issue.
Works like a magic, thank you!

BTW, it seems to work with “contains” as well.
For general knowledge, which operator is more accurate- contains or starts with?
Or it does not matter much



In your case it won’t matter since you’re using the full URL. “Contains” will look for a substring anywhere in the URL.

So using “contains” and saying just “Airalo” would match what you have, but it would be less precise because it would match any URL that has that word anywhere in it. So I would stick with “starts with”.


Cool, got it.
Thank you for your help and clarification

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