Url redirect not working - need help

Hello all , I am trying to redirect www.unareviveummunity.com/immunesupport to https://www.unarevive.com/pages/immune. The following is what I have entered in the page rules:


Forwarding URl … Permanent Redirect

This is not working …does anyone know what could be wrong.

Seems like www.unareviveummunity.com does not exist?
are you owning the domain unareviveummunity.com? And if yes, when have you registered it?
Seems not to be a domain at CloudFlare NOR does my CloudFlare DNS resolve it

sorry I noticed a typo in the first post … it is unareviveimmunity.com

unareviveimmunity.com was set up with cloudflare and was being used by clickfunnels for a landing page. I have paused the clickfunnels account yesterday because I rebuilt the page in my shopify store … hence needing the redirect.

I do own the domain - it is in bluehost … but using cloudflare for the security for clickfunnels. Unfortunately I did not set this up and am not really technical … bluehost told me that the redirect needs to come from cloudflare

TYPO in domain name:

But now I got the right domain.
Could you screenshot the PageRule you have set up?

This does work, test yourself:


You just had a TYPO in your domain

Ahh … Iwas trying without using the www. and amwithout www still getting the screen shot

If you do not have any other subdomain on this domain you could use:

as rewrite rule, as this then also applies to the rootdomain (without “www”)

*unareviveimmunity.com/immunesupport is what is on the page rule … I think I am missing something … sorry … is there something else I need to be doing?

Screenshot the PageRule and post it here so we can have a look, please

Can you add another pagerule and add the very same rule, beside the first field fill with:

unareviveimmunity.com/immunesupport (no asterisk!)

and then we test again

Done …

Wait… there is already a PageRule or any other type of redirect:

unareviveimmunity.com/immunesupport =(302)=> unareviveimmunity.com/immunitysupport

that was already there … should I remove it? would it be better if I just did unareviveimmunity.com then it would redirect everything?

Uff, I dont know why this actually is not working. It definitely should work.
Maybe someone else can help you here.

thank you for all your help … I do appreciate it

You are welcome.
May you want to say if you do have other pagerules in CloudFlare implemented? Which may is infront of your new PageRule?
And have you already cleared cache? (in CloudFlare)

Would the issue have anything to do with the CNAME … see screenshot

Hi @user5003, the site shows as active and I see the name servers were oonfirmed, but propagation is still in process, https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/unareviveimmunity.com and that may be affecting your results. Dig & whois both return your bluehost name servers, security trails sees sella & everton.