URL redirect issue with no root domain A record

I have a domain, for example mydomain.help. I have a CNAME for portal.mydomain.help that redirects everything to a 3rd party web portal service hosted in Azure. I would like to redirect any request to mydomain.help to portal.mydomain.help which in turn triggers the CNAME redirect. Is this possible with Cloudflare? I don’t have an A record for the root domain mydomain.help as I don’t have anything hosted there which seems to be causing an issue with this redirect. I have tried both Page Rules & Redirect Rules but I think the fact I don’t have an A record for mydomain.help it is causing an issue. Anyone accomplished this?

Yes there is non-depreciated version. I am old school so I still use this one. Read Step 1 2x. Do the needful and then follow the rest of the instructions. No reason to send it to portal. , you can send it to wherever it needs to go directly.

I have to send to the CNAME as that is used for an Azure web app we use hosted here myapp.us.azurewebsites.nett. I was able to accomplish this previously with the Registrar’s (Hover) URL forwarding which previously held my DNS.

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