URL Redirect Help Needed

**Hello. I just bought a domain name from Cloudflare and do not know how to set up the URL forward.

I temporarily have a one page Blogspot page I’d like to send “dhof.org” to. I did make a PAGE RULE according to Community Advice, to no avail. Is there more to do? Please help.


Create a DNS record as well:

Should be fine with a basic AAAA record with a name of www and target of 100:: per the above doc.

Hello Erisa:

I have tried doing what the rules tell me, but nothing is redirecting.

Can someone from Cloudflare please help me out.

I have paid for the dhof.org domain for three years, and it is worthless if I cannot forward a redirect to https://ducal-house-of-fields.webnode.page/


I thank you very much in advance!


You have not created a DNS record for dhof.org which means no one will know that name is supposed to take them to the Cloudflare proxy where you configure the redirect.

Page Rules have been deprecated and will be phased out very soon. You would be better of to use a Redirect Rule instead, but either will require that you create :orange: proxied DNS records for any hostnames that you want to redirect.

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But you still didn’t make a DNS record as instructed in other comments.

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