Url redirect _ good for juli, but not for thee

Hi guys! I have lots of domains at namebright, namecheap, godadddy, google domains etc and i wanted to consolidate them all here but…
To redirect the url or email forwarding at all of these providers is simple.

In Cloudflare, i struggle with the url redirect
I got some domains to work and then i config the exact same way with another domain and it doesn’t go.
and i dont know where to look for conflicts or how to recognize them if i found them
here is the screenshot
looks just like another domain that works

r7177.cm doesnt go
m does go

You need an A record for r7177.com, or, as your Page Rule shows, www.r7177.com.

The placeholder IP is acceptable. You need it set to :orange: to activate your Page Rule, so the IPs that are published will be Cloudflare IPs.

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