URL Redirect and Internal DNS

Ive used a page rule to create a URL redirect from subdomainB.mydomain.com to a 3rd part URL that is very long and hard to remember, ie: longdomainname.whyareyoumakingmetypethismuch.com/reallymore/thisistoomuch

I read that there needs to be a proxied DNS entry for that subdomain. But I dont have a public IP address to enter because I only want the URL to redirect. Additionally, in our network we have a DNS zone for mydomain.com which makes it a bit more challenging. Anyone know how I can get this scenario to work?
Thanks in advance for your time!


Thank you for asking.

Yes (or some other hostname for which you would like to the features of Cloudflare should apply to).

You can point a hostname (sub-domain) to a temporary IP like for IPv4 or IPv6 ::100 which can be proxied A or AAAA sub.mydomain.com :orange:.
Therefore, using a Page Rule “Forwarding URL - 301 redirect” you redirect any access to it to the needed Website URL (long one from your example).

I don’t understand this part, so may I ask if mydomain.com is already using Cloudflare nameservers or not? :thinking:
If not, then your option is to use the Business plan and configure a CNAME.
While, another option is to use SSL for SaaS.

Thank you so much for the insight! I’ve got the public DNS record for the subdomain set up

When I mention “our network” I should have been more clear. I am referring to our internal Active directory DNS, which has a zone for mydomain.com configured. Since it doesnt have a record for “subdomain.mydomain.com” internal access does not work.

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