URL Re-Writing


I have one website which has multiple subpages. (each is a different product)

I would like to have a different domains names map to the subpages

With the URLs transformed, e.g. I would like awesometips to map to a subsection of my main website. e.g.:


Is this possible? If so what do I need to do?

If it isn’t possible, would be great if you can add that feature!

You would need to add each of these different domains to Cloudflare, after which you can set up a page rule for each domain which will forward to the desired location.

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Hi - I’m not after simple redirect forwarding -

I’m after reverse proxy such that when people look at
mysite.com/* , Cloudflare serves it from address, but behind the scenes Cloudflare is loading the content from originalsite.com/product/product1/* etc

Anyone know if it is possible?

Not with Cloudflare AFAIK, it would need to be done on the server side.

Workers would be the only option to implement this on Cloudflare.

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