URL Re-direct Rule Not Working

Hello, I have several Cloudflare re-direct rules set up and working well. But my latest one will not re-direct and continues going to the old hosting service it had previously been set up for via the DNS. The www redirect works on this one, but not the base-level without www.

Oddly there is nothing left in Cloudflare pointing toward the old hosting service (including the DNS settings), yet that is what the URL opens. Cloudflare completely manages the routing of this domain.

I am really stuck on how to get this to re-direct, any advice or suggestions? Thi did a link to my re-direct rules, which is set up exactly as my other ones that do work: Page Rules _ Rules _ moreti...

Thank you!

Who’s the old hosting service?

Constant Contact is the old hosting service. But doesn’t seem that they matter as I’m working on directing the URL/domain which is not managed by them. Does this matter?

Constant Contact uses Cloudflare. What most likely happened is that they added your domain to their Cloudflare configuration. Now Cloudflare thinks your :orange: Proxied domain traffic should to go them.

You’ll have to ask Constant Contact to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare integration.

Oh wow, I had no idea. That is incredibly helpful — thank you sdayman!

I was really baffled. Will do as you suggested.

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