URL parameters are not passed to the backend in some cases


I have managed website with Cloudflare and I noticed, that in some cases URL parameters are not passed to the backend. Especially, when there is well-known extension at the end of ULR before question mark.

When URL https://example.com/some/location/endpoint.ext?param=value is called, URL parameter is passed to the backend.
However, when URL https://example.com/some/location/endpoint.tif?param=value, I see only request URI without URL parameters in access log on my endpoint:
…“GET /some/location/endpoint.tif HTTP/1.1”…

In this case, tif extension doesn’t mean specific file, but instruction to ti-tiler that it should return image in tif format.
Is there any configuration where I can change this behavior?

Thanks in advance.


You could run a Trace (beta) from Dashboard > Accounts to check which rules a request to your URL is triggering. Make sure to include an Accept: header with the proper value for the extension.

The result should give you hints about what service may be removing the parameter.

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