Url not working. Error 1014


I am trying to add an existing domain to cloudflare to connect to Kajabi. I followed the directions to add a new site, however, I am getting an error 1014. The DNS records came over complete, however, I changed the CNAME to www endpoint.mykajabi.com like I did for my first domain to be directed to kajabi.
Was I supposed to keep it as my domain name??

I hope someone can help me. Im getting absolutely NO direction or help on this. I cannot speak to anyone which is annoying. It’s been 3 days now with 24 inbetween each emailed response.

Thank you in advance!

The hostname record (first field) in Cloudflare DNS should be ‘www’ (no quotes), and the target (second field) should be endpoint.mykajabi.com

And start with setting it to :grey: DNS Only (click on the :orange: to toggle it to :grey:).

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