URL not redirecting


I’ve been trying to redirect the following URL:
nordicside[dot]com → nordicabode[dot]com

This is my current setup:

My DNS is also properly set up:
Type: A
Name: @
Proxy status: Proxied (orange cloud activated)
TTL: Auto

I have no other page rules. Can someone let me know why the redirect doesn’t happen?

Many thanks, any help is appreciated.


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Your rule looks fine to me. The page that is returned makes me wonder if you may have previously used the source domain with a service that may have employed Cloudflare for SaaS.

Please take a look at the following community #tutorial, in particular the option of using Liberate The Hostname to release your domain from a churned Cloudflare for SaaS account.

Let us know if that fixes it for you.

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