URL Normalization Question

Dear Cloudflare,

We received a notification that our zones could be impacted by the URL normalization change: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057896851 since the measure was not added to our account automatically. However, we cannot find any rules that seem to match.

The notification said:
“We determined the impacted zones by analyzing all Firewall Rules, looking for patterns in HTTP fields that would no longer match when using URL normalization techniques.”

It would be useful if you could forward that analysis to our account to help us ascertain what rules are affected. Can you help?


Hi, i’d recommend reviewing the FAQ first:

Hi, it was the first thing we did but we still can’t work out which of our rules are affected. Are you able to help with that?

Can the automated analysis tool which it seems you used to issue the notification to us also offer an indication of what the at-risk rules may be?


Hi Matthew,

It cant unfortunately. I’ll DM you on here and I can personally look at your Firewall Rules.


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