URL manipulation - how can this be done? Page Rules? Workers?

I hope this is categorized correctly. And I hope I explain this well, but please ask any questions for clarification. Also, I had to replace periods with commans because it seems new users can only include 4 links in a post, so sorry for that.

Here is the situation…
Marketing department has decided they want to start blogging. They got a WordPress site at Bluehost. They are using some kind of Bluehost proprietary plugin that gives them a kind of staging/test area. They want to be able to use a specific URL to connect to these staging posts before making them live.
So instead of going to aaa,bbb,bluehost,com/post123 they want to use a domain name that we have, like testcompany,com/post123
Below is what we have going on in DNS, most of it set up before I got involved. I’m a network/systems admin FWIW - I know DNS but not really experienced in how to use Cloudflare page rules. Also not a programmer so using Workers would be quite an uphill challenge. Names and IPs have been changed for obvious reasons.

company,com - main org DNS domain
CNAME record - BLOG.company,com → aaa,bbb,bluehost,com
Page Rules

  1. blog,company,com/ Resolve Override → blog,company,com Host Header Override → mycompanyblog.com
  2. company,com/blog Resolve Override → blog,company,com Host Header Override → mycompanyblog.com

testcompany.com - for testing stuff
CNAME BLOG,testcompany,com → aaa,bbb,bluehost,com

mycompanyblog.com - A record - 9,9,9,9 (IP of Bluehost server)

Marketing has requested that any time they go to a URL formatted like below, it goes to the right place on the WordPress server (where 345 is the article number and the preview=true identifies that it’s a staging post

should go to thewordpressserver/?p=695&preview=true

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