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I have url images on one of my pages that are not updating. They should update about once per hour, but they have not updated at all in the last several days. First image is what these images currently look like on the site(outdated images). However, when I go to edit the page, the images display the most recent updates (second screenshot). I’m not sure why it doesn’t show on the published page. I would assume this has to do with cache settings on Cloudflare, but I’m not sure what I should do in order to get that page to update every hour. www.christurnbullwx.com/observations is the only page that has images that update every hour. All the pages don’t change much (and there all uploaded images rather than from urls). I don’t update or add new images all that frequently on the other pages. It’s just the observation page that won’t display hourly updates. It’s days old now.

I believe that Cloudflare’s default cache period is about 4 hours.

Do you have any Page Rules?

I did not. I just added this page rule. Browser Cache TTL: 2 minutes (only did 2 minutes for testing). That still doesn’t force my url images to update. No difference when I try in private/incognito mode. Nor does turning development mode on or purging the cache manually.

Ah, I just checked those images. They’re not even loading from your domain (they’re coming from wp.com).

So it’s not an image caching issue at Cloudflare. But I see each one has a unique URL. Is the URL supposed to change every hour?

In any case, this isn’t a Cloudflare issue. The images aren’t coming through your domain, and Cloudflare is not caching the HTML that’s calling the images.
Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 11.20.20 AM


The links are static. It should display the current observations or whatever I chose for that type of map. It did update properly before moving to Cloudflare. I think I’ve narrowed the io.wp.com down to a plugin called Jetpack. Something to do with image acceleration I believe. Going to dig deeper.

Disabling Jetpack’s image accelerator has fixed the issue. Caching through Cloudflare is now working as expected with the page rule. The links were going through Jetpack’s servers before. I’ve updated the Browser Cache TTL to one hour.

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