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Hello I want to know if I want to redirect my website subdomain which is download.techworldyt.xyz to my main domain then I add page rule using /* and $1,$2 and so on. But if I want to redirect from subdomain to main domain when it is served simply like download.techworldyt.xyz to www.techworldyt.xyz then it is ok as I am not searching anything ok till here ever thing is fine but again if some one serving my subdomain for ex.
Then why it redirect me to my main domain which www.techworldyt.xyz


If you want to redirect only the main page, you would have to:
Match download.techworldyt.xyz/ and Redirect to https://www.techworldyt.xyz/

No wildcards, no variables. Just a one-page redirect.


Go to this website pcdownloadz.xyz this main domain but when we enter its subdoMain
fdl.pcdownloadz.xyz it redirect us to pcdownloadz.xyz
but when we go to fdl.pcdownloadz.xyz/…html
Then why it not redirect to main domain


Please reply me fast
Go to this url

Now remove all the text after xyz/
Now you will be redirected to www.pcdownloadz.xyz
Now reply me how this happen
With cloudflare pagerules

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