Url forwarding problem

Hi, i want to apoint *mydomain.com/whatever to a facebook group? How can i get it done? I’ve already triedto set it up the page rules, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Anything going to that domain gets redirected to: Location: http://cashflowonline.club/optin

Which name servers does the DNS tab tell you to use for that domain? It should list Cloudflare’s Lee and Kate name servers.

Yeah exactly…

That’s a clickfunnels site. You’re going to have to handle redirects over there.

Your only other option is to create a subdomain, such as grupo.cashflowonline.club and set that to redirect to Facebook.

Ok, i was starting to figure this, so is no way to set it up from here if i have the domain linked to Clickfunnels, unless i create a subdomain to redirect?

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