URL Forwarding page rule


I was wondering if there is a way to perform the below example using a “Forwarding URL” page rule.

URL: https://example.com/?p=123
Redirect to: https://archive.example.com/?p=123

I tried the below but it did not work. Any tips?

URL: https://example.com/?p=*
Redirect: https://archive.example.com/?p=$1

Your configuration should actually work like that.

Can you post a screenshot of your rule along with the real domain?

I cannot actually submit the page rule unless the redirect URL was something like that:


When I submit the Redirect URL I mentioned in the previous comment, I get the following message:

Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004)

Can you post a screenshot of the dialog where you are trying to define it? I just tried the setup and it seemed to have been accepted.

Oh, perfect! It just worked!

I was doing the below mistake:

URL: *example.com/?p=*
Redirect: https://archive.example.com/?p=$2

I corrected the Page Rule to be as follows:

URL: https://example.com/?p=*
Redirect: https://archive.example.com/?p=$1

Many thanks for the support!

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