URL Forwarding Page Rule not working

Hi folks. This seems like the most simple thing, and I feel like a dummy for posting. I have looked ay numerous tutorials and help requests, and can’t get this to work.

I want to URL Forward the forum.starkravingdadblog.com subdomain to community.starkravingdadblog.com. That’s it!

I have the A Record set up as per this image, and have tried many variations of the Page Rule, e.g.


UPDATE: the forum subdomain was connected to a Mighty Networks account. I had to get them to disable the subdomain at their end before the URL Forwarding would work in Cloudflare.

Why is that the case? I don’t know…

Hey @alaninteractive

That should be working from my knowledge. You could try adding a bulk redirect which would do the same thing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply