URL Forwarding not working?

I want to point plastiq.it to plastiq.com.au (which is running on weebly)

I have configured the following page rule

If the URL matches: By using the asterisk (*) character, you can create dynamic patterns that can match many URLs, rather than just one. All URLs are case insensitive.


Then the settings are:

FORWARDING URL - 301 Permanent Redirect

Do I need to add an a record or cname? It won’t resolve.

Right now, plastiq.it is not going through Cloudflare. It’s using Cloudflare DNS, but it’s not set to :orange:.

What records to I need to set to use 65facc0b726bf6b3e8f4fd67f9eba8fcb81b842d ?

plastiq.it and www.plastiq.it

I have that but it still isn’t working?

www forwards, but you should get rid of the first dot in the Match, so it’s just *plastiq.it/*

If you have set up URL forwarding on your domain name, but the forward isn’t working, there are a few things that may be causing the issue.

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