URL Forwarding not working for some domains?

Hi there. I have a handful of domains I want to forward from the Cloudflare hosted domain to another domain hosted on Hover.

I’ve successfully forwarded two domains on Cloudflare, however some of the other domains won’t resolve. Same settings for everything but the destination URL, so I’m totally stumped. Any ideas?

Here’s the one that isn’t working (again same settings as the working one):

I would be eternally grateful for any tips and tricks!

That domain is resolving. The apex hostname redirects to the same hostname, minus the hyphens.

www is…redirecting to itself, causing a redirect loop.

Thanks for pointing out the redirect loop.

Apologies for the dumb qusestion but what in my settings is causing that loop / what would I need to change to resolve the issue?

Thank you!

Whatever you did for the apex domain is what you should do for www. Judging by the DNS record, you have some sort of redirect rule here. You should make another redirect rule like the first, but for the www hostname.

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