URL forwarding domain to sub-domain

Trying to redirect 555ventures.com/signup to ghl.555ventures.com

I tried various combinations of the following Page Rule, with no success. Please help

URL: 555ventures.com/signup/*

Then the settings are:
Setting: Forwarding URL, Status code" 301
Destination URL:https://ghl.555ventures.com/$1

Can you show a screenshot of the Page Rule as it is now? Make sure it is switched on.

Note that if you want to redirect 555ventures.com/signup then 555ventures.com/signup/* doesn’t match, use 555ventures.com/signup or 555ventures.com/signup* instead, depending on what you think you need. (That’s not your problem now as I tested 555ventures.com/signup/z and that’s not redirecting).

Hi sjr. Thank you for taking a look. My last attempt screenshot is attached

What value do you have as the A/AAAA record for 555ventures.com? Do you have a site under your root domain? (I see you are using Go High Level for www).

That’s the A record for GHL, but it’s a Cloudflare IP address and it seems redirects don’t take place if the IP address is a Cloudflare one (really this record should be “DNS only”). You’ll probably have to set up your redirect at GHL if that’s possible.

One other option is to set the A record to a proxied dummy value of, then your redirect will work, and add another rule after to redirect the rest of 555ventures.com to www.555ventures.com or wherever you want your site to be viewed from.

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