URL Forwarding (domain.com to www.domain.com)

Hi There,

I tried to set up a page rule to forward my url from accommodex.com to www.accommodex.com but it still doesn’t work? It comes up with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. Currently works fine.

I understand that I might need to add a root domain to my DNS for it to work. But what type of records and IPv4 Address do I put?

For example do I use CNAME, use @ and value is my www website url and add to my DNS like I have done in the screenshots?

Hope you can help, thanks!

Ultimately I would like both urls to open accommodex.guestybookings.com

accommodex.com is properly in place and the page rule should work. If you have a DNS issue, it most likely is a propagation one and if you wait a couple of hours it should work on your side too.

As for the redirect, they might show the content of accommodex.guestybookings.com but the address bar will still show www.accommodex.com. That is what you want, right?

Hi Sandro,

Yes that is correct, I am happy the way www.accommodex.com is where it does show the content of accommodex.guestybookings.com. Looks like it has propagated! Thanks!

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