URL forwarding doesn't work without www

My URL forwarding doesn’t work without putting www in front. I’ve set the rule to example.com/ but address only redirects properly when I type it with www. I did everything like it was shown in the tutorial, read through community support and I’m surprised that it actually works for others because for me it doesn’t. Any ideas?

Is the record for the naked domain in place? Is it proxied?

yes there is @ pointing to dummy IP and www pointing to dummy IP, both proxied. Strangly forwarding works on mobile but not on pc.

Then it will be a DNS propagation issue on your end.

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Now it works but the problem is that target website is not masked with redirecting website address. Also, how Cloudflare’s DNS can be issue on my side?

A redirect will never mask an address but only redirect.

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Blockquote This page rule will redirect as per the following examples:

domainA.com > https://domainB.com
www.domainA.com > https://domainB.com
domainA.com/page > https://domainB.com/page
www.domainA.com/page > https://domainB.com/page

Should the domain you are redirecting to be served on www , you can add www to the URL at the bottom of the page rule.


It shows here that address A should be replaced with address B if rules are set correctly

What’s the domain?

I do not want to share that, sorry. But point is that the tutorial I quoted says that addressA should be masked with AddressB

As I already mentioned, redirects do not mask anything. If you get properly redirected, then your setup is correct.

You best double check that your setup follows the respective tutorial under #tutorial.

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