URL forwarding backwards / opposite / inverse aka wrong

I have put in as a page rule for my domain website.delivery to URL forward to website.com

however, the opposite has happened.

now when I type in my domain website.com it shows website.delivery as the permanent masked domain.

I had a CNAME with “name” as website.com and a value (“alias”) of website.delivery, I justed deleted and changed reversed, thinking this might be the issue, as nothing else makes sense

You probably swapped the fields. But without actual addresses it is impossible to say anything.

Can you post a screenshot of the records in question (redact whatever needs redacting) and explain what you want to achieve eventually?

Yes, as mentioned initially, you simply swapped the fields when entering the values. Whatever you want the CNAME to be should be an alias of your domain, not the other way.

Thank you. So this should solve my issue and then I won’t need to do URL forwarding, right?

If you want foodfixdelivery.ordering.co.foodfixdelivery.com to point to your domain, yes. However, depending on your server configuration, you might also have to configure that on your server.

The ffd.com is my domain I want both of the sites to point to

The problem is your naked domain is not set up in the first place. You need to create an A record for @ and point it to your IP.

I have an A record with “www” and “*” do I need to remove one or both of these before I add the “@” record?

Well, your DNS setup seems to be right at this point but your server does not respond to Cloudflare.

Any recommendations?

What do you mean, it doesn’t respond to Cloudflare?

And how can I resolve this?

By contacting your host and asking why your server is not working.

. The issue has been resolved but now when i try to do a URL forward my foodfixdelivery.com page stops working. :tired_face:

I would try it the other way because they seems to make more sense to me, however I get multiple error messages.

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