URL Forward results in Error 1016 [SOLVED]


I am trying to redirect a domain to a Google Form. I have created a new URL Forward page rule, with mydomain.com/* having a 301 Redirect pointing to https://goo.gl/forms/myform123. When I try to load up the page I get a CloudFlare error page saying Error 1016: Origin DNS Error. I do not have any A records set for this domain, as I only want it to be used for the form. What am I doing wrong here?


Does anything at your site work? Or is your plan to have any visit to any URL at your site forward to that Google Form?

If so, then set an “A” record for your site to and let Page Rules intercept all those requests and forward the visitor to the Google Form.


The sole purpose of the domain is to link to the form, there are no other pages associated with it. I think I accomplished what you said, but now I’m getting a timeout error (522) when trying to access the domain. Here’s what I have set, maybe I didn’t understand you correctly?

I can only upload one picture, but I have an A record for the root domain pointed to as you mentioned.


That Page Rule looks good. Can you post your DNS page? You can black out the domain name in the records.

If you want more specific help, post the domain name.


Here ya go. It was only letting me upload one pic at a time in the first reply. Sorry.

EDITActually I’m getting a DNS Research page from my ISP when I try to access it now


The domain name in question is investwithskycastle.com


I am getting correctly redirected to the Google Form. If you aren’t, try clearing your cache.

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Whoops, you’re right. Everything looks good now. Thanks for the help @sdayman

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