Url dynamic

Greetings to all, I’m from Venezuela and as you know things are very good with the policies of blocking dns by these sides.
I would like to know if cloudfare has an option to redirect my main domain to a cloudfare subdivision, as does awws cloudfront, a particular case is that of the dolartoday.com domain that is being blocked by the main internet provider of my country, but to be able to visit the website he redirects to a cloudfront domain and you can see the content of the website without problems.
sorry for my bad english!!!

Note that there is an international section if you would rather speak one of those languages.

Generally, you would need to set up your main domain on Cloudflare if they’re blocking your main IP, as CF DNS doesn’t do geo-based IP routing (only anycast). Also, depending on how your ISP blocks your website, using Cloudflare may not work. It depends on if your ISP is blocking your server IP or your domain via SNI.

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