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Alright guys, a bit of a noob to Cloudflare… when saying a bit i mean alot :smiley:
So i have my domain name and i have set it up with Cloudflare i need to make a reverse proxy so i can show local files (my own ip:port/folder/page.html) but only show the domain.
I have tried page rules and subdomains, without any success… really not sure where to go. Anyone can point me to where this is explained or even tell me if its not do-able.

So what i want to archive is

  1. To hide my IP and port and people from accessing anything else than for example: domain:5689/overlays/livetiming.html and not any other pages there.
  2. My ip to be hidden, i guess it will do that already through Cloudflare.

Port is a Problem here when you are Not able to use the Standard Ports.

To Hide your IP-Address you need to Tunnel the HTTP(s) traffic through Cloudflare. But Cloudflare will only proxy specific Ports for you
(See: Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs)

When i understand correctly this is your local PC or something?

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Yes, its one of my pc´s that will host a page (well more but only one is important to share)
I can easily move that to other ports as that is actually editable in the game i am using.

When you can change the Port Freely Best would be to use the Standard Port for HTTP or HTTPs so that others dont need a Port to connect to your Domain. If this is not possible you can use one of the other Ports that Cloudflare Proxies or look into Cloudflare Daemon

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For your other Request:

You want that People can access a Path from your Domain but only this one Path and nothing other?
Then you could do a Firewall Rule like this:

This should block every Request that does not match the Path that you configured

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