URL Cannot be found

Please help I can access only the first page of my website then when I click on anything it say the url cannot be found

That is a 404 error, which means no content was available on your server. You need to check the server to make sure there is content for the URL you are trying to access.


Please search :search: at the top right for #CommunityTip & the error to find Community Tips with advice and insight.

Example :search::
#communitytip 521 error

I can get to the main page on my website but if i click on a image or try to login if a url cannot be found error

I can load my website but if I click on any images or try to login I get a url cannot be found? So frustrating

Hello, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, do you mind sharing the name of the domain? Have you checked with your hosting provider/site administrator regarding the issue?

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