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I need your help, I have a development that stopped working a couple of days ago and who developed it that indicates that the url must be being blocked, can someone tell me how I see if it is? or where can I add the url so that the server always allows it and never blocks it again? .

Thank you so much

That’s not very specific. Actual URLs and/or screen shots would help.

If something is blocked by the Cloudflare firewall, it would show up in the Firewall → Overview section in the Events Activity Log. Click on an event, and it will tell you which firewall setting blocked the request.


Thanks for answering. They tell me the following:

Every time a price or stock change occurs, Bsale sends a message to the url

That url returns the text “ok” or the text “there is no order data or json is badly formed. Received:”, depending on whether the notice comes in the correct format or not.

Sometimes we have had the problem, with some clients, that the hosting firewall (or some wordpress plugin with a similar function), detects that different ips connect to
the url /bsale_product_webhook.php regularly and blocks connections because they suspect it may be attacks or spam.

They must allow connections to the url

no matter where they come from or the frequency of these. Bsale servers do not have a fixed ip.

When connecting to that url, Bsale sends, in the body of the HTTP message, information in json format, like this:
{“cpnId”: “37964”, “resource”: “/v2/products/400.json”, “resourceId”: “400”, “topic”: “product”, “action”: “post”, "send “:” 1616777679 "}

Which, in a nutshell, means that the product id = 400 changed price / stock or was just created.
The format of the messages varies, but it is always in json format.

bsale_product_webhook.php checks that the json format is correct and, if so, saves that json in a folder.

Otherwise, it discards it and returns a text with an error message: "no order data is coming or json is badly formed. Received: ‘’

The file that the developer tells me has not been modified, last time we got the same error and the problem was that the account was not there, now check and if it is paid.

Have you configured your server to Restore Visitor IP addresses?

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No, I have not seen what you are telling me, I am going to review it, but why does this happen if no one has made modifications to the code or to this platform?

To do what you indicate, it asks me for an ip (insert your load balancer’s IP address), where do I get it from? As data I have the site in amazon


Your traffic isn’t coming through a load balancer. It’s coming through a reverse proxy from these address ranges: cloudflare.com/ips

Hi! How are you?

Thank you very much for your time, by chance do you know where the webhook configured on the platform are seen?

What kind of “Block error” are you getting?

Errors: 1006, 1007, 1008 or 1106 would all indicate an Access Denied error due to IP address ban

You can see a full list of 1xxx errors using this link Troubleshooting Cloudflare 1XXX errors – Cloudflare Help Center

Hello, the error it gives me is


It talks about DDoS Protection by Cloudflare, where can I check this from the cloudflare admin. this started to happen out of nowhere


Hello, how can I know which of these rules could be affecting the operation?

I have many more, these are added alone in clodflare or are they configured when creating the account?

Dear, thank you very much for everything, the problem was in bsale, they responded to us from support and had a service posted.

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