URI Path skip is not affected!


I’m using CF Pro with 3 managed rules activated.

At now, Cloudflare OWASP Core Ruleset blocked our URI Path request, I tried to added a exception rule but it is not affect.

Our URI path : domain/links/shorten → 403 response

Added exception :

URI path - contains -> /links/shorten

Expression preview :

(http.request.uri.path contains "/links/shorten")

But it is not working for me, I still got a 403 error.

Anyone can help me on this case?

Our request :

1. Request URL:


2. Request Method:


3. Status Code:


4. Remote Address:

5. Referrer Policy:


Thank you !

Did you select to skip all OWASP rules? or only specific OWASP rules?
You can check the Additional logs (10), those 10 rules were triggered by the requests.

You may want to consider lower OWASP Anomaly Score Threshold and OWASP Paranoia Level to avoid false positive.