URGENT_Website down for over 48 hours

I’ve sent in multiple Cloudflare request tickets, however, no reply back . Our website has been down since Friday (over 48 hours) now and our customers are livid. We need our site up again asap.

Our Website: www.crudance.com

Cloudflare notified me to create a new account and to change the name servers on our domain (GoDaddy) in order to verify us, since the old owners many years ago never gave their log in information to us. We changed the name servers on the domain and now our website crashed. We are receiving the Error 1000 " **If you are the owner of this website:**you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for www.crudance.com to resolve to a different IP address."

I believe we need Cloudflare to migrate the old account to our new one since it has been verified with the new name servers. Again, we need help asap to get this site up as we have customers trying to register and it is an absolute nightmare right now.

Thank you!

The nameservers of your new account are logan and blakely, right?

In that case your domain is configured correctly nameserver-wise however the DNS records are wrong and that most likely happened when you imported the records into the new account.

What you need to do at this point is correct these records, but nobody than you can tell you what the records have to be. They simply need to match either what your hosting provider gave you or the entries from the other account.

Hi @sandro ,

Yes, Logan and Blakely were the new name servers cloudflare wanted me to update on the domain (GoDaddy). I am awaiting Cloudflare to provide these records (transfer these) to the new account. I have submitted multiple requests, but no reply or help. Hopefully one of Cloudflare’s staff see’s this and can update it all. Again, our website has been down for almost 72 hours and it has caused madness in our customers.

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Cloudflare won’t provide anything here. You need to adjust them yourself in the control panel.

Again, they should match whatever you have got from your hosting provider. You could also use the export feature on the previous account to export them and then import the file in the new account.

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I’m unable to export anything since I do not have the old account’s log in information (previous owners). Cloudflare told me to create a new account and change the name servers and then they verify it and transfer.

Our hosting provider is Cloudflare. I’m desperate to get this site working again.

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Cloudflare is not a hosting provider in the first place.

If you do not have acess to your old account you will need to contact your hosting provider and get all applicable records and set them up yourself on Cloudflare. Alternatively, you could also remove the domain from your account, set the nameservers back to your actual host, and start the setup and import from scratch.

Hi @sandro ,

Thank you for all of your help!

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