Urgent User Billing verification URL is broken!

It first started when one if my domains suddenly lost all name servers (they are not found anyware! exmpl: dnschecker dot org, or using the dig command with dns servers: 1111, 1001). In addition, I am not able to transfer any of my domains from Cloudflare! So I emailed everybody and anybody I could to try and resolve this problem (including abusereply at Cloudflare dot com).

abusereply at Cloudflare dot com got back to me and required to have verification to proceed, else: “If we do not receive a response to our verification attempt within the next 24 hours, we will cancel any recent domain registrations and downgrade any paid services.”

I wanted to do so as fast as possible and ended doing that off of my phone with a bad internet connection. I got disconnected and now the URL for the verify dot stripe dot com doesn’t work! It was a 1 time URL!!!

Now I have been calling, emailing, doing anything that I can to salvage my situation!!!

Please help!!!

The [email protected] email are the only ones who can help you with this issue - the community and Cloudflare support don’t have any control over Trust and Safety cases.

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Is there any other way of contacting them?

I have written them, but they are not answering…