#URGENT: Unauthorized Redirect (To The Same Website // 3 Separate Accounts) Help


I am not sure if this is normal, should be happening or not, or even if this is posted because I didnt know really what to even ask.

I have three different cloudflare accounts that each have the free ssl cert for their sites (Only one per acct). Each website is redirecting to a blog site titled “Abigail Brewer” and the domain is that name dot com.

I need to have this handled immediately. The name servers with the registrar are the ones provided by cloudflare and there is no redirect on that end.

What is going on? How can I fix it?

Find it bizarre three separate accounts are going to the same webpage?

I saw this https://community.cloudflare.com/t/redirects-to-another-website/37525 but it did not give an answer if that was the solution. Im going to go ahead and make flexible but wanting to know if anyone has input.


Input from me would be the same as @matteo posted on the thread you already linked to…

You need to check with your host about supporting HTTPS. Which they definitely should!

Flexible is a temporary solution but the issue should be properly resolved asap.

Please see

What is one of the domains that redirects?

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Even though all three accounts are showing the same exact site?


They are likely all hosted on the same IP /server by your host, hence they all redirect to the default page over https.


Ok and I know they do support https

I found out the other day they offer free ssl’s through letsencrypt


Have you got these installed on the sites? This may help - you should install them and set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict).


I actually just added ssl to one of the sites on the same hosting account the other day with letsencrypt and it is fine


Is that domain also on Cloudflare?


Yes the cloudflare ssl’s have been working great for a couple months since today


No domains are with Siteground


If you install the Let’s Encrypt certs on the domains you are having issues with and set the SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict), do they work as expected?

  1. When I change to flexible in CF, nothing populates and error “too many redirects”

  2. I have not installed lets encrypt cert on the domains. They have been fine with the CF cert.

I guess the only thing that is different, is that now I have lets encrypt ssl’s on other sites now. That shouldnt matter though should it?


You should definitely install an SSL cert on your server as it is not secure without. Please see Why we recommend you don't use flexible! It may also help fix this issue.

Or maybe I misunderstand… Do you have a CF origin cert installed on your server?

The other sites should not affect it.

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Should I just try turning off the CF certs and install the lets encrypt ssl’s? Think that would work?

Yes the 3 domains in question on the hosting account had CF certs installed previously. i just checked a 4th and it is redirecting to the same site as well.

The only thing they have in common besides the hosting is they all have the CF cert. Another domain on the same hosting account has a letsencrypt ssl installed and that site is fine.

Maybe there cannot be two different certs on the same hosting? Ill test it out (turning off the CF cert and installing a letsencrypt and see if it solves it)


You should probably contact your host and ask about it…

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