Urgent: Transfer domain from one cloudflare account to another cloudflare account


Can you transfer my cloudflare domain that I got it from cloudflare registrar from one cloudflare account to another? Please. I really do not want to transfer to another registrar. It’s a domain of a non profit organization and I had purchased it from my own account but they would like the domain to be on their own account so that’s why we wanted to transfer.

It’s really urgent. Our domain expires in 5 days.

I could not request support as they said email support was not available on our plan. How can I do that in this case?

Can I just wait for the domain to expire and register it in our another cloudflare account? We don’t want to lose our domain.

Can I lock the domain from transfer and only unlock it when I’m about to register in the new cloudflare account after expiration? Or how can I do it safely without risking losing the domain?


I suggest that you transfer it away. Account-to-account transfers are rare (so far), and may take close to your remaining five days. There are plenty of fantastic registrars out there that don’t charge much for registrations, such as Porkbun.

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Wow thank you. They have such low prices. We actually initiated a transfer to another registrar I just had not confirmed it let me try to see if I can cancel and get back the fees in that other register so that we can hop onto Porkbun. Thank you so much!

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