[Urgent] Today my domain cannot be renewed anymore. I get error 1292

Hi Cloudflare support team, I have a domain that expires Jan 5 need to renew, but I’m getting error 1292 can’t add or fix payment method.
I have opened a support ticket with Id #2703688, can you help me please. Thank you

please help me, i need help to renew my domain as soon as possible, my domain expired too long and the renewal time is about to expire
I opened a ticket with Id #2703688, and am still waiting for your response
Best regards

Domain expired

This domain expired on January 5, 2023. You have a 40 day grace period during which you can renew this domain, which will end on February 14, 2023.

Today, February 14, 2023
I can’t believe I lost my 10+ year old domain just because of the mistake of trusting to transfer the domain to Cloudflare. I cannot renew my domain name. so silly
No one can help me get my domain name back, this is a warning to those who are trying to transfer domains to Cloudflare
Do not transfer domain to Cloudflare!!!

Hi there @trangthancb,

Thanks for reaching out on our Community, sorry to read that you’re experiencing some difficulties here.
I’ve escalated your issue for our Billing team to review, and further steps will be provided ASAP.

Thank you.


Thank you, I got a reply

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