URGENT! someone linked my domain to cloudflare CDN without my permission

Some of my old programmers createad an account in Cloudflare without my permission and now my domain is linked to the CDN of Cloudflare. I dont know which email used this person for access and I dont find a way to remove my domain from Cloudflare neither access. I tried to contact Cloudflare during one week through emails but they help me. This issue is causing many problems to my site and my website load speed is going extremely slow, so the person helping me with the SEO cannot continue working until Cloudflare disconnect my domain and remove my account. Looking for help asap please, thanks!!

Cloudflare did not help me* so far, so looking forward that someone here can guide me please

If you still have access to your login for the registrar of your domain, you could try changing the DNS servers there to point where you want it to.

Are you sure the programmers didn’t change it to cloudflare to address some issue the site was encountering (DDOS attacks, etc)?

I am not sure about your last question but it might be, they did it very long time ago and they didnt inform me about Cloudflare.
I registered my domain in Namecheap, did you mean i can login there and change the DNS server?

I think the best solution is to find out who has access to the name-server settings at your registrar. If you remove the name server for Cloudflare there and replace it with that of your registrar, Cloudflare is disabled on your site.

If Cloudflare notices that there is no more traffic coming in through that domain for a certain time, then that website account will be automatically removed from CF.

And change your password at your registrar’s control panel! :wink:

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