Urgent. Service outage right now?

My account seems completely fubar’d right now, and I’m not sure if it’s just our account or a wider issue. I keep hitting API Request Failed POST /api/vr/accounts/.../support/ticket/suggestions style errors with almost any operation I attempt. I can’t even open a support ticket. Also unable to add a DNS record or update billing information. The one thing it did let me do is delete my custom SSL cert which I needed to do in order to add a new custom wildcard, but now I can’t add the new back and I’m desperate!

Cloudflare didn’t report any service outage at cloudflarestatus.com

Interesting. I’d already tried an incognito browser window on my main machine with the same experience. But when I tried again just now from a different computer it’s working again. Very strange. But at least I got my SSL cert reprovisioned which was my urgent concern.

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I am running into a similar problem while trying to cancel an ongoing domain transfer (to CloudFlare). Clicking on the ‘Cancel transfer’ button does nothing… I’ve already tried multiple browsers and computers but no luck.

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