Urgent request - Unable to add full record name in CNAME 's NAME field

Hi Everyone -

We are moving from a different vendor to CloudFlare.

We are trying to add “aweber_key_a._domainkey.brahmakumaris.com” for NAME field of CNAME. However, its taking as “aweber_key_a._domainkey” only. Last part “.brahmakumaris.com” is NOT picked up when doing the SAVE button.

Can you please suggest any solution for this? its URGENT as a service is impacted due to this.

Appreciate your help at the earliest.


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It shouldn’t be. That’s a valid record, but it’s so long that Cloudflare just doesn’t show the domain name at the end. In fact, Cloudflare’s interface doesn’t show the full domain for any subdomains; just like your ‘www’ record. If you use the Advanced DNS feature to export the file, you’ll see the entire thing is there.


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