Urgent problem with subdomains being redirected

Hi all,

I’m new to Cloudflare and how it all works. So, I’m hoping you all can help me with an issue I discovered this afternoon. I have several subdomains (ie sharepoint.inteltech.com) that I cannot access since setting up Cloudflare. Each time I try, I end up getting redirected to my main domain (inteltech.com). How do I make it so that my subdomains are ignored by Cloudflare rather than it rerouting them to the main domain? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

Check your DNS tab at Cloudflare. In the past, I’ve seen a * (wildcard) A Record when adding a domain.

Your DNS records should have one specific subdomain record per row, including a ‘www’ for the main domain. Plus the main entry for your ‘example.com’ site.

If all that looks good and it’s still not working, :grey: some/all of those subdomains and see if that helps. Some command line sleuthing using ‘dig’ or ‘host’ for those entries may also help.


Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and I don’t see a wildcard. Also, everything but the main domain seems to have the gray cloud next to it. Any other ideas I can try? I really appreciate the help!

There’s no DNS entry for sharepoint. It should have an A record entry with the same IP address as your main domain. I’d do the same for www (make it an IP address instead of CNAME).

I also suggest you black out the IP addresses for better site protection.

Sorry if I being dense, but as I said, I am new to this. Do you mean I should create a new DNS entry in my Cloudflare account for sharepoint, pointing it to the same IP as my main domain? You’re right about the screenshot. I will remove it. Thanks again for your help!

Yes, every subdomain needs a DNS entry…most likely to the same IP address as your main domain (unless you have some odd subdomain setup).

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Thank you! That helped. We were able to resolve the issue. Have a great day.