Urgent: Problem with Cloudflare reCaptcha and Firefox

We correctly get the Challenge page from Cloudflare and a reCaptcha is presented.
This asks the user to select all of the tiles that contain something.
The user does this successfully and another challenge is then presented.
They are asked to Copy this code and paste it in the empty box below.
A text box with a lot of random characters is presented. The text is easily copied and pasted into the empty box below, but nothing happens! There is no OK button. There’s no button at all. And using Enter on the keyboard only inserts a newline into the empty text box. There’s no way to proceed!

Is this a bug in Cloudflare’s Challenge page?
If it matters, we are using Firefox V67.0, the very latest version.

Here is a screen image of this:

I can’t replicate this…yet. Your site lets me in with Firefox, but blocks me with TorBrowser (built on Firefox). But it looks like glitch. I’ve never seen that in a Cloudflare CAPTCHA page.

You @sdayman can cause our website to issue you a reCaptcha challenge by setting your browser’s User Agent String to end with “Firefox/24.0”
You do not need to use the Firefox Version 24 browser. Just indicate that at the end of your UA string. That’s when we see that problem.

It’s working for me. I’ve gone into Firefox about:config and added a user agent string of Firefox/24.0 and got the challenge:

Thank you @sdayman for pursuing this further.
Getting the reCaptcha is not itself the problem.

Once you successfully solve the reCaptcha, another is presented that asks you to copy the code to the small box below.

That’s the problem, because there is no way to proceed past that second step. Copying the text does not permit you to visit the site.

There is no OK button. Enter does not work. It is that second challenge that does not work.

Ok, yeah, that’s unfortunate. I did all the tiny checkboxes for pictures with motorcycles, only to be thanked by that Copy the Code box.

I wonder if it’s just an incompatibility with ancient User Agent strings. How did you discover this?

Thanks for reproducing the problem.
I do not think it has anything to do with the User Agent String itself.

We discovered this by creating a Firewall Rule with the Action Challenge.

Then we set out to intentionally test the rule to confirm that after the user solved the reCaptcha they would then be able to use the website for the designated period of time.

We are actually using the very latest version of Firefox. Setting the user agent string to Firefox/24.0 was simply an easy way to test firing the rule to see how well reCaptcha works. It does not appear to work. You can not solve the reCaptcha and get to the website.

Now that an MVP like yourself has reproduced the problem, is there any way to escalate this issue?

Or do I need to email it to the Cloudflare support team? (Outside of this Community Forum?)

You can certainly open a ticket and reference the link to this thread. I’m just curious as to why Firefox 67 doesn’t get the CAPTCHA, but 24 does.

I’m trying to test it in different browsers on my own test site, but can’t reproduce it. They send me straight to the Not A Robot test, and occasionally ID The Pictures, then let me through. Even with the Firefox 24 UA.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of your Firewall Rule?

It’s getting late for me, but you can open a Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

I’ve opened a ticket with Support.
Here is the rule that you’ve been triggering…

That is not specific to your site, all reCAPTCHAs seem to exhibit that behaviour right now.

IMHO, this is an issue of Google. Actually, there is a submit button but it is hidden via CSS (display: none).

The entire picture selection looks a bit dated (checkboxes instead of the fancy fade-outs on selection) and maybe Google rolled out an older version or something of that sort - just speculating here. I guess this will get fixed in the next couple of hours. Welcome to the world of modern software development :smile:

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From what I can tell it already has been fixed.

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