Urgent. Please help me. Redirect ip to domain

Soneone please help me. I am so thankful for your help.
I am using Cloudflare for this domain: https://daribnkhaldun.com

Everything is perfect but there are some matters that give me headache.
When i check with ryte.com for onpage seo, i get 2 matters.
1: ip canonicalization . How can i fix this ? Can Cloudflare help me to solve this matter? How, please? I know this this is not an important matter but i must fix it or i will die. :frowning: i must get 100 points. Its my task… please help.
2: how to hide server signature? Its now saying " Cloudflare "
Please help me. Thanks

  1. ryte is not an SEO site I admire, to put it politely. IP Canonicalization is not a very high contributor toward your SEO ranking. In Cloudflare’s case, there’s no chance you’ll get duplicate content from the IP address as from your hostname.
  2. You can’t hide that server signature.

Let us know if you die because of this. :cry:


My client ask me to get 100 points on ryte.com … its so crazy … i have tried to explain but he still wants 100 points… get stressed …

It’s not going to happen. I hope you didn’t agree to that in a contract.

I did :frowning: thats so bad …

Oh no, I guess Google itself has awful SEO!

The best SEO tool is Google’s own lighthouse check. Checking for anything beyond what Lighthouse checks will generally fall under the “SEO speculations” category of checks and almost never actually help with website rankings.

Now I’ll never be able to use Google to find Google. It’s beyond me why Yoast is friends with Ryte.

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