Urgent-please help! Hacker trying to destroy my site

Hello everyone. I am a student and a created a small website using my savings. From the past few months some hackers are attacking my site. First I saw that my website was removed from my cloudflare account, then two factor authentication was turned off. I added the website to cloudflare again and changed turned the 2FA authentication on again. Cloudflare is fine now.

Now the hacker recently modified some of the files of my website including htaccess. Recently he did something and the font color of my website is changed and I am unable to change it. I am using elementor. Some hours ago I added a plugin called mini orange and enabled 2FA on my wordpress site. I also blocked the hacker’s IP address on my website. His IP Address[] Even after that about 6000 files were added in my website. I am using ithemes security and wordfence plugin for security. I cannot afford to loose this website please help!


Unfortunately that is beyond the scope of the forum. You best post in a forum dedicated to system administration.

Did you elementor recently had few security issue.