Urgent need to add subdomain, domain provider sent me back here


System io sent me back to you as it seems I need tech support to register a subdomain created for an online funnel.
I entered the data in the DNS Zone of my domain provider (infomaniak) but it is still not activated on system io and I’ve been stuck for 2 months with this issue. How can I proceed?

Thanks for your help,

Aude Fluckiger

What is the domain and what are the records you have added?

Hi, thanks for your msg.
domaine name: www.flame-alive.com
subdomain: live.flame-alive.com

DNS records added :

  1. CNAME

  2. CNAME


It does not appear these records have yet been added to your DNS settings in Cloudflare. Does your DNS settings in Cloudflare list your DNS nameservers as

flame-alive.com.	86400	IN	NS	ishaan.ns.cloudflare.com.
flame-alive.com.	86400	IN	NS	veronica.ns.cloudflare.com.

I have never used this platform, my website platform (mozello) has a partnership with you. I added the data on Infomaniak. I don’t know where to add the DNS data here. can you help?

This domain is configured to use Cloudflare nameservers by whoever controls the registrar settings for the domain. As a result that’s where DNS is managed. If you control the registrar settings for this domain then you or someone you authorized at some point created an account on Cloudflare.

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Ok, so i have to pingo pong back to Mozello then?! thanks :see_no_evil:

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