URGENT: My website went down after switching to a different domain name


Hello there,

Thanks for all the valuable responses to questions in the forum. My hosting provider is bluehost and last night I changed my domain name from (database-skills.com) to databaselearner.com. I then added the new domain to my cloudflare account followed by changing the name servers to cloudflare provided ones (the ones I have for my old domain). Right now, my website is down and I am not sure how to proceed.

  1. I don’t see any A records under the DNS tab in my cloudflare dashboard for my new domain (However, the records do appear under my old domain)
  2. When I try to install the SSL certificate for my new domain, it gives error message that the SSL cannot be installed on the zone or something.

Any help in getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to upgrade my cloudflare plan but would like to run it under the current plan for some more days to see how it performs.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Looking forward to your responses.



Get the IP address from the A record of your old domain and add it as an A record under your new domain. This should get you on track.


Thanks Andy for the fast response but the thing is, I see this note when I am on the DNS tab for the new domain. “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Bluehost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the Bluehost website”

Do you happen to know what should be my next step.

Thanks much for your help,


Ah, I didn’t realize Bluehost had integration. I’m not familiar with their setup, and I’m not sure how much investigation you have done. I did find this. Have you gone into the Bluehost Zone Editor to see if anything is there for your new domain?


Thank you. I went to the zone editor and see many records for the new domain but the old domain has a very few records.

I am advised by the bluehost support that the name servers are correctly pointing to cloudflare servers and they don’t have an idea as to why the message “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Bluehost…” shows up.


Is the IP address for your old domain’s A record the same as the IP for your new domain’s A record?

I can confirm this, dig databaselearner.com NS +short shows Cloudflare nameservers. I can also ping your domain and get back Cloudflare IPs.

That is a bit alarming…


Actually, yes it should be same but I don’t see any A record entry under the new domain at all.

I tried to activate cloudflare from bluehost cpanel and got this message. probably it it’s in the process?

“Can’t enable CloudFlare for www.databaselearner.com because it is pointing to another server. Please point www.databaselearner.com to if you’d like to use CloudFlare. If this is a newly created CNAME then please allow 1-4 hours for propagation”

Is there a way I can simply delete the old domain from cloudflare? I looked up online and found that it has to be done from hosting cpanel but I couldn’t find the remove option there so I simply switched the name servers back to bluehost for the old domain. So, right now, only the new domain has the name servers pointing to cloudflare.

I think i’ll give it another couple hours to see if it changes anything.

Thanks again,


I think this is your primary issue then. Use the Bluehost Zone Editor to add an A record pointing to the IP address referenced from your old domain.