Urgent issue - Revert MX records



Hi there,

I am having a serious critical issue relating to my MX records. Its similar to this post, but this post is not able to help me.

My MX records that i upload from Gsuite keep reverting back to its original state which is from my old host Migadu. I have tried working out any issue but gmail nor cloudflare my host can help me. They always revert back after 3 minutes.

Any ideas?



Same issue. You have something running in AWS which is changing the records. If you look in the audit logs you will see the records are being deleted from an IP address beginning with 18.209.x.x. This IP address is owned by AWS.

I suspect like the OP you have some 3rd party integration/vendor which is monitoring the DNS records and changing them. Unfortunately the OP didn’t mention what the tool was making the change. You could try changing your API key which would break any 3rd party tool making automated changes to your site.


no offense, but cloudflare, wow, the worse! i think ever. I changed to godaddy. Good luck with all of that.


Actually, calling something “the worst” is an offense. @cscharff clearly explained the problem and a way to fix it.

Everyone here would love to see this issue resolved, so let us know if you need any more assistance.


I’m just telling you my experience to not have 24/7 support is just crazy. No one helped. Your input below is welcomed but makes no sense. I skipped that all went to another platform fixed it in a second.


I’m glad to hear you’ve got a working solution.

I’m reminded from time to time that Cloudflare does have 24/7 support through their ticket system. Even on weekends and holidays. Free plans get responses within about 24 hours. Paid plans are typically less than 12 hours (probably much quicker).

Ticket system, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


For those reading along, Cloudflare users get an API key as part of their Profile in the Cloudflare Dashboard. I’m referring to the Global API key here.

An API key is like a password to change settings in your account. You and third parties can use the API to update DNS, flush the cache, add/delete domains, etc.

You can revoke access to this API by changing the API key in your Dashboard Profile. This will stop third parties from making changes to your account unless you give them the new API key.

For more on how Cloudflare’s API works, here ya go:


That’s cool, I’m glad you found a platform you like.

Just to be clear though. You opened 2 tickets on Thursday morning with our support team on the same topic. Both of them had responses within hours from our support team. You also found a thread here in the community forum which pointed to the cause of the problem and I pointed out how you can solve it.

I’m terribly sorry you configured a 3rd party service with your API key to manage your DNS settings with Cloudflare and don’t remember what it is.


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