Urgent help- Under DDoS attack

My website is under DDoS and I have added Cloudflare Pro protection but still not able to get back my site.
Any possible help?


Did you set your security level to “Under Attack”? Is there a chance they are going straight for your IP address, bypassing Cloudflare? If there is you’d need to contact your host to get a new IP address or have the attack blocked by them.

No, I have not enabled yet. I need to enable it? As I am new and don’t know much about this.
Also should I enable SSL now as I have disabled it after attack.

SSL is not relevant in this context. You should change the security level, that should stop the attack for the time being (assuming they do NOT bypass Cloudflare). Then you can reevaluate the situation after a while and lower the level again.

Okay, Its mean I need to enable "I’m under attack " mode right now?
Meanwhile, I am going to contact to hosting people.


If the attack stops afterwards you dont necessarily have to contact your host however.

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Okay Thanks, I have enabled it now.

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