Urgent help please Website Down cannot access cpanel


Can anyone help please?

The website all of a sudden has stopped working and I cannot access the cpanel. I have however just managed to access webmail for the domain so that makes no sense to me.

There are no error messages, the connection just times out. It was working absolutely fine yesterday and now this today.

The connection in Cloudflare states Active.

Which domain?

tripleamarbella this is a dot ORG. Cannot place the URL here for some unknown reason

That domain seems to load fine. Post a screenshot of the error.

This is in both Firefox and Chrome.

I do not understand how you can see it and I cannot. I have also used my phone on data to check if it was an IP firewall block

What do these commands say?

ping tripleamarbella.org
nslookup tripleamarbella.org
ping www.tripleamarbella.org
nslookup www.tripleamarbella.org

Both nslookups work but neither pings work. they simply timeout

In that case your ISP will be blocking the Cloudflare addresses and you would need to contact your ISP about that.

The site itself is working → sitemeer.com/#https://www.tripleamarbella.org

OK thank you for assisting me Sandro. I will contact the ISP.

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