Urgent hekp with dns set up

hi, i have just moved my site from a2 hosting to another company. my new hosting company have now set up my Cloudflare settings to point to them but they are puzzled.

There are two settings on my dns which include NS1 and NS2, the numbers relating to the NS1 and NS2 point to my old a2 hosting. The new hosting company does not know what to do with these. they do not know if to delete them or to add their code

can anyone please offer me some advice my site is in2town.co.uk

They should replace them with the nameservers Cloudflare gave you to set up your site with.

the nameserves that Cloudflare have given me i have put them on 123reg to point to Cloudflare. but for some reason i have the following on my dns

A in2town.co.uk
A localhost
A mail
A ns1
A ns2
A server

These are supposed to be there. I have visited your website and it seems everything is working.

the NS1 and NS2 show the old number for my old hosting company. Also my site is loading at around 8 seconds when it was before i moved hosting services it was loading at 1.4 seconds

Might be some HTTP(S) issue like mixed content or redirects :thinking:

Otherwise, origin host/web serveri issue like not being optimized propperly, neither cached as well as far as I can see when I visit your website.

I can see this so far for your homepage:

cache-control: max-age=3, must-revalidate
cf-apo-via: origin,no-cache
cf-cache-status: BYPASS
cf-railgun: direct (starting new WAN connection)

Also, you’re using APO for WordPress, and a Railgun which might not be working well? :thinking:

May I ask if you’re using a Pro plan?

Yes i am using pro plan, can you check again. when you checked i had lite speed on, which was put on by my previous hosting company.

It has been a nightmare few weeks. i went from a hosting company that was good and my site was loading 1.4 seconds, then i moved to a2 hosting because i believed the false reviews, and then the site went to taking ages to load, so i moved to a new hosting company who are offering a seven day trial. but the site is not loading as fast as it was loading

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