URGENT: Error 1292?


I’m unable to update my payment details to renew a domain name that is expiring TODAY - tried everything, but all I see is error 1292…

Losing the domain name or even an interruption in service is not an option, need urgent help please (would be happy to upgrade to whatever level needed to get this solved, but once again I’m not able to update the payment details)!

Tried reaching out to support, ticket# 2380264 - got help but didn’t solve the root cause. What can I do? What will happen if I’m not able to renew the domain name today, will I lose it?

Thanks for helping me out!

@Laurie Is a Billing Expert & she can Help you


Hi @adm4,

I checked your account and updated your ticket so that our team can reply. You should be able to complete the payment due in your account now, so that you can reply to the ticket once completed.


Thanks so much @Laurie, all good now! :heart:

Just out of interest, and for others that might search for error 1292 (like I did before posting); was it all because of the missing recaptcha? It wasn’t visible when I saw the error, but after you did your magic it appeared, and everything just started working?

Thanks again for your help!

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Hi @adm4,
Glad to hear that it is all good now, that error is specific to a balance due within your account.


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